ABK GENT tile collection



The new material sensations inspired by the world of stone originate from the heart of the Flanders region

Available in 4 colours, 2 Styles and 5 large format sizes

Wide is ABK’s new collection of 7 mm thick ceramic slabs produced using CONTINUA+ technology. Thanks to their small thickness and large size, these slabs are ideal for use in large residential and commercial spaces, including architectural volumes designed for custom applications.

Unconventionally elegant, the GENT collection translates a heritage aesthetic into a palette of essential, fashionable colours. The appeal of timeworn materials and handmade effects recreates a unique blend of surfaces in a wide range of sizes and finishes suitable for use in many different situations


The many inspirations behind the ABK range can be used to customise any space and create constantly changing material effects.

Stone, concrete, marble, metal, wood and pattern are skilfully combined to create a surprising crossover style ideal for highly contemporary architectural solutions.




Slip Rating R10
Coverage per box (60x60) - 9mm 1.08SQM (3 Tiles Per box)
Coverage per box (80x80) - 7mm 1.92SQM (3 Tiles Per box)
Coverage per box (30x120) - 7mm 1.44SQM (4 Tiles Per box)
Coverage per box (60x120) - 7mm 2.16SQM (3 Tiles Per box)
Coverage per box (120x120) - 7mm 2.88 SQM (2 Tiles Per box)
Sizes 60x60 / 80x80 / 30x120 / 60x120 / 120x120
Thickness mm 7mm & 9mm
Product code 000****
KG per Box 21kg - 50kg


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