• Art Macro 02 (80 x 80 Gloss) - Artwork by Casamood
  • Art Macro 02 (80 x 80 Gloss) - Artwork by Casamood

Art Macro 02 (80 x 80 Gloss) - Artwork by Casamood


The project revolves around three cardinal shades of color offered in contrasting pairs (white-gray and white-black) and available in three different particle sizes (Micro-Basic-Macro).

In addition to these color schemes, there are 12 decorative variations with vitreous-inspired inserts conducive to the interaction with bold and characterizing shapes and colors, an undisputed symbol of personality. New surfaces for architecture and interior design in which predefined patterns alternate in a dynamic play on perspectives.

Usage interior exterior walls floors
Finish Gloss Decorative Design
Dimension 80cm X 80cm

Style Guide

Floor Wall Bathroom Kitchen


artwork by casamood collection Tiles PDF tiles made in italy
40X80 Yes Yes 10mm
80X80 Yes Yes 10mm
60X120 Yes Yes 10mm


Edge Detail : Rectified
Size 800mm x 800mm
Thickness 10mm
Appearance : Gloss Decorative Design
Material : Porcelain
Manufacturer : Florim
Colour : Black White
Est. Delivery : 10-14 working days


Floor Wall Bathroom Kitchen
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