Florim Airtech Collection

For top quality porcelain tiles look no further than the Florim Airtech Collection, available now at Tile & Build. With over 10 years of experience in nationwide tile distribution, you can trust we’ll help you get the job done. Porcelain and ceramic tiles by leading manufacturers such as Florim, available now.

We supply Florim Airtech Tiles to various construction projects nationwide, so no matter whether you need wall tiles, tiles for your flooring, or tiles for other parts of your build, at Tile & Build, we’re happy to help. We source our tiles directly from Florim’s headquarters, which means we can be sure you always get quoted the very best price on your Florim Tiles. Explore our huge Florim range, including many of our Florim best sellers.

Tile & Build supplies tiles that have been crafted to last. Our tiles are easy to work with, compliment both modern and traditional designs, and carry anti-slip ratings as standard. No matter what your requirements, if your job needs tiles, we’ve got you covered.