Kitchen Tiles, Floor Tiles, Ceramic Tiles and Porcelain Tiles.

There is actually no difference between a kitchen tile and a bathroom tile. Any tile sold would be equally at home in any setting, a bathroom,  kitchen, lounge, hallway, games room or in fact any area within the home.


There are some aesthetic reasons for a choice of placement, but again this is a matter of personal choice and not a hard fast rule. An example being: someone may prefer a gloss tile on a shower wall, or above a food preparation area in their home kitchen, for ease of cleaning.


As a rule of thumb some manufacturers say “ceramic for the wall, porcelain for the floor or wall”, but there are exceptions to this also. where this has been designated by a manufacturer you will see the symbols on the relevant product page.


If you have any concerns about tile placement in any areas for your domestic home we recommend you ask us.


Commercial and business premises have their own rules relevant to what happens on these premises. You can start research on that by clicking here