Wetroom FAQ's

Tile & Build Wetroom FAQ's

Got a question about our wetroom products and supplies? Check out our FAQ page, we might already have an answer for you! 


Does the wetroom tray come with a drain?

Our wetroom trays are available with or without a drain. No drain is selected by default, therefore if you require a drain, please use the drop-down menu to add a drain to your order before you add the product to your cart.


Is the wetroom tray structural?

No, our wetroom trays need to be fixed to a solid base, please ensure they fully supported with no flex.


Do I need wetroom boards on the wall of the wet area?

Yes, we also provide wetroom boards of various sizes, take a look here: https://tileandbuild.com/pages/wetroom-boards


Can I put 6mm boards on the wall?

No, these wall boards won't be suitable, we would recommend 12mm boards for the walls of your wetroom.


Can I use 6mm boards on the floor?

Yes this is possible but only as a tanking layer they are not structural and should not be used to support the floor.


Do I need a tanking kit if I use the wall boards?

No this is not necessary, as long as you use sealing tape to secure the joints in the wall boards and to seal the joints between the wetroom tray and wall boards.


Can I cut the tray to size?

Yes this is possible. You can cut the tray but this must be done evenly on both sides. We recommend cutting no more than 50mm off any side of the tray.


Can I tile directly onto the wetroom tray and wall boards?

Yes, all of our wall boards and wetroom trays are designed for, and ready for the application of tiles. Tile & Build sells a huge range of bathroom tiles perfect for the job, take a look here: https://tileandbuild.com/pages/search-results-page?q=bathroom



Still need an answer to your question? For more information about any of our wetroom products and supplies, send an email to; sales@tileandbuild.com, where a member of the team will be happy to help!