How Cercom Tiles transformed two flats into a Stunning Luxury Home

Cercom Tiles at Tile & Build, home to some of the very best tile manufacturers in the world! We source and ship Cercom tiles directly to our customers from the manufacturers which means we can guarantee you the best price possible on your tile order. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, we have built up trusted relationships with suppliers like Cercom to ensure you get the best value on your products, we don’t work with a middle-man supplier which means you’re essentially buying direct from source with Tile & Build!

Cercom Tiles are built to the highest standards, making them top dogs in the porcelain tiles industry. By using both traditional and modern manufacturing processes, Cercom ensures their tiles are up to any job, be that on smaller installations or larger commercial projects. The tiles are tough, hard wearing, are produced using sustainable means and most importantly, they look fantastic, which is why this project made use of some stunning Cercom tiles to help renovate two Hong Kong flats, into one stunning, luxury home.

“Needing a substantial home for a blended family of six, Ben Wong Hiu-fei knew he had found the bones in two identical 1,800 sq ft apartments, one on top of the other. After securing the units, on the fourth and fifth floors of a 30-year-old residential building in Tai Hang, Wong also knew whom to call. Years earlier, Wong had recognised two flats he once owned featured in Post Magazine as a stunning duplex conversion by Gabi Ho Design Studio. When he once again had two flats, one on top of the other, the semi-retired executive contacted Ho. Both units were to be gutted and their rooms realigned to create four bedrooms, five-and-a-half bathrooms, and a shrine room. Living areas would become bedrooms; the kitchen, bathrooms and utility zones transplanted and, of course, the two units joined. It helped that there was only one unit per floor in this building, meaning no neighbours.”

What this demonstrates is the sheer versatility of Cercom tiles and how they can be used on literally any building project. Interested in finding out more? Contact us to find out more about our Cercom tile listings and our ordering process. Need advice on which tiles are right for your project or job? Our friendly team is on hand to help you, now!