Quality Tiles can keep your home clean and virus free | Tile & Build

In a world impacted by COVID-19 and the global pandemic, many of us have come out on the other side with greater concerns for how we can keep our homes and businesses clean and virus free. One of the reasons viruses like COVID-19 is able to spread is thanks to poor hygiene practice. This isn’t to say that humans are dirty - but it’s clear that with greater cleaning processes in place, the spread of viruses and microbial diseases can be reduced, hence why during the pandemic here in the UK, we’re being encouraged to clean our hands more often and to keep our distance from others when we can.

The use of Quality Tiles within areas such as the kitchen or bathroom in your home or workplace isn’t just because the tiles look nice, it’s also because these areas are often areas that require a higher attention to detail when it comes to cleaning. The reasons for this are pretty obvious, kitchens need to be sterile for safe food preparation and bathrooms should be easy to clean and disinfect because they are often exposed to liquids and can have a damp atmosphere, which is perfect for breeding bacteria. 

Tiles can be wiped clean, with many affordable cleaning products also designed to be safe to use on tiled surfaces. This makes tiled walls and floors very easy to keep clean and to maintain. Of course, grout and tile adhesives can get dirty which is why we need to pay attention to those areas too, especially when cleaning. Some grout manufacturers are taking things a step further by introducing technologies that help to keep germs at bay and away from tile joins. According to Tilezine:

“Traditional disinfectants can only offer limited residual activity against microbes once sprayed on to a surface, and harsh cleaning formulas can contribute to regular wear-and-tear and early product degradation. To tackle this, some manufacturers have turned to built-in antimicrobial technologies for all kinds of building and decorating materials, to provide enhanced surface cleanliness and defence against product-damaging microbes. Built-in antimicrobial technology has the power to provide a cleaning strategy that combats this and complements regular disinfection practices.”

By committing to using good quality tiles within your home or building project, you’re able to future proof the cleanliness of your home or build, by ensuring you are creating beautiful surfaces that both look good, and are easy to keep clean and free of viruses, bacteria and other microbes that can eventually lead to you or your customers falling ill.