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At Tile & Build we are proud to stock and work with some of the best tile manufacturers in the world. Mostly based on mainland Europe, the global heart of Porcelain Tile design and manufacture, our stocked brands have been chosen for a number of reasons that helps us to ensure we can offer the best quality tiles to our customers, for a price that cannot be beaten.

Our team work closely with our listed brands to ensure that all of their tiles pass a few essential quality checks - we simply want to ensure that the tiles we sell are created to be the very best they can be, that’s why:

  • All tiles sold at Tile & Build come from brands who focus on sustainability.
  • Our stocked tiles are made using the highest quality materials and processes.
  • Brands stocked at Tile & Build pay focus to innovation and always look forward to ensuring their products are on trend, and created using the most efficient methods.
  • Our stocked tiles come from manufacturers with a rich history in tile design and production.

Take a look at some of the biggest brands now available at Tile & Build:

Since we have a direct relationship with our tile manufacturers, we’re able to get your tiles for the very best price. No middle man, no excessive store fee’s, just honest and quality tile distribution that ensures our customers get the very best service. Use the links above to explore our tile collections and get in touch today for a quote on your tile order. Whether you’re working on a large commercial project, or need tiles for a bespoke build, our team is on hand to help you!