Lack of Truck Drivers Puts Pressure on Tiling Industry | Tile & Build

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you might have read that the UK is currently facing a shipping and logistics crisis, thanks to a combination of regulation changes due to Brexit, and a number of other delays and problems caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. We’re currently sitting within a perfect storm of issues that means many products are currently unable to, or are taking longer than usual to reach UK shelves.

Not only that though, many of our current shortages are coming from a lack of raw materials being brought into the UK, for example CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) which would seem relatively benign to most people - however the use of CO2 in the production of many foods and drinks goes to show just how much of an issue, missing such a simple yet core material can be.

At Tile & Build we’re fortunate enough to have direct links with Europe’s biggest tile manufacturers, meaning we aren’t relying on orders to come over to the UK before we source your tiles - we’re able to get them straight from the suppliers and deliver them to you. This reduces the need for a middle man, additional drivers and ultimately means we’re able to continue to provide the very best service and minimise delays to your build.

For the latest information and changes on our shipping times and shipping policy, check out our delivery information page.

Delays that are Currently Hitting the Building Industry

If you’re managing a build at the moment then you’ll no doubt be experiencing some delays in sourcing core materials such as tile adhesive, backing boards, basic tools and more. Many tradespeople are reporting that builders merchants are running low on stock on many items and that they are taking extreme measures to try and hide the fact they have empty shelves (with some merchants reportedly closing off sections of their stores). 

The general consensus is that most items are still available, we’re all just having to wait a little longer to get hold of them thanks to the reduced number of drivers moving stock around the country. Our advice to planners and builders alike is to try and plan further ahead when possible. Get orders placed ahead of time and expect delays, that way it’s much easier to work to a set time frame and to ensure your builds are complete by the deadline. There’s no need to order extra and panic buy as that only causes delays elsewhere across the industry! Keep calm, keep going and with a little bit of organisation, we’ll be past this hurdle in no time!