What to Look for when thinking about Large Format Tiles | Tile & Build

Large Format Tiles are quite often amongst the best sellers at Tile & Build. There’s a few reasons for this, firstly and perhaps most obviously, large format tiles allow you to cover a huge space in a cost effective way which is great for commercial builds and large tile installations. Moreover, using large format tiles compared to smaller sized tiles can allow you to create a truly seamless feel within your room, endlessly matching the floors with the walls to maximise space and resonate absolute luxury.

If you think large format tiles are needed for your tile and building project, then you need to consider a few things. First of all, which brand are you going for? At Tile & Build we stock tiles from the leading large format tile manufacturers across Europe, including Florim, Marca Corona and Coem. Because we work directly with the suppliers, we can get access to your tiles for the very best price, which brings us swiftly on to our next point - budget. Large Format Tiles are great for covering a vast space as a lower price, because you’ll need to order less tiles and ultimately, will spend less time fitting them.

Next, you need to consider space. Large Format Tiles work great in any area of your build, they are good for bathrooms, kitchens and even communal spaces. You should however ensure that you have plenty of space to cover - just placing a few large format tiles on a small floor won’t allow you to have the luxury desired effect you’re looking for, therefore you need to be smart with it and ensure that large format tiles are right for the job.

Lastly, you need to think about delivery and shipping. Large Format Tiles are notoriously heavy, and large! This means you need to ensure you order them at the right time, so they are ready to go down and don’t take up too much space. Ensure your tiles are delivered to the right place. When it comes to arranging shipping and delivery, our team is on hand to help you along to ensure you get your tiles in good time, for the best price!

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