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At Tile & Build, we pride ourselves on sourcing the very best tiles from across the world. We have access to materials from leading tile manufacturers based in all of the world's global tile hotspots, including some of the very best from both Italy and Spain.

The global tile industry is huge, with tonnes of manufacturers all producing, it’s sometimes hard to pinpoint the very best products. At Tile & Build though, we do that for you - trawling through tile stocks to bring you the very best collections. A good tile is one that is tough, versatile, cost efficient and of course, one that has style and design at it’s very heart. Our ABK Tile collections do just that.

Manufactured in Italy, ABK Tiles are produced with a passion for the building and design industries. ABK wall tiles and ABK floor tiles are perfect for achieving an element of class and sophistication within your building and design work.

ABK Tiles Italy

According to ABK Tiles:

"ABK provides distinctive and original solutions for home, retail and public space design, supplying designers and retailers with cutting-edge products that combine sophisticated aesthetics with outstanding technical performance. As well as catering for contemporary taste and many different applications, the ABK range is a unique set of materials that can easily be coordinated amongst themselves in terms of style, colour and size in keeping with a customizable design approach.”

ABK Tile Collections at Tile & Build

Check out some of our favourite ABK collections:

Downtown Collection

Sensi Gems Collection

Interno 9 Collection

Eco Chic Collection

Since at Tile & Build we source our ABK Tiles directly from the manufacturer, we ensure our customers get the very best price on all ABk Tile collections. By ensuring there’s no middleman involved in the transaction, we guarantee the best rates and efficient shipping options that ensure you don’t experience any delays in your building project as a result of waiting for your tiles to land.

Create stunning walls and beautiful floors with ABK Tiles from Tile & Build and get access to a world renowned tile brand. ABK Tiles are tough, easy to work with, versatile and really are created with modern and contemporary design at their heart. The true essence of ABK Tiles is their passion for creating masterpieces, which is just why we love them at Tile & Build.

Check out some of our favourite ABK Tile Collections here.