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Get everything you need to know about Marca Corona Tiles here at Tile & Build. We specialise in sourcing and supplying wall and floor tiles from leading tile manufacturers. Because we work directly, we ensure our customers get access to the very best price, incurring that your next building project is able to run as smoothly as possible. Whether you’re shopping for your own DIY projects, or you’re working on a large commercial installation, our team is here to ensure you get the best tiles, from the best factories, for the best price - that’s the Tile & Build price match guarantee! 

Marca Corona Tiles, Italian porcelain tiles perfect for indoor and outdoor. Italian wall tiles, italian floor tiles and more.

Marca Corona Tiles | Tile & Build

Focused on beauty, versatility, sustainability and resistance, Marca Corona tiles are the perfect example of a well manufactured, strong tile that can be used across a range of builds and designs. Made in Italy since 1741, Marca Corona has lived through generations upon generations of changes, yet they still boast those core principles first set out in the 1700’s, to create beautiful tile pieces that are versatile, sustainable and of course, strong.

This is why Marca Corona tiles are perfect for use in a range of environments, for areas that see high foot traffic like shopping centre floors, or hotel foyers, to more private settings such as home kitchens and bathrooms. By being sustainable and tough, you know any Marca Corona tiles you lay on your walls and floors will be there to last. They are tough against the everyday and are even resistant to the extreme also.

Marca Corona Tile Collections | Tile & Build

At Tile & Build we pride ourselves on being able to access the biggest and best collections from leading tile manufacturers. Because we source directly from the factory, we can access pretty much any collection in production, meaning if there’s a Marca Corona tile collection you love, we can source it for you. Check out some of our favourite Marca Corona tile collections below:

Universe Collection

Arkistone Collection

Get in touch today to find out more about our prices for our full range of Marca Corona tiles. With our price match guarantee, we’ll ensure you pay the very best price, helping your tile and build budget stretch further!

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