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Coem are one of the most popular tile brands listed at Tile & Build, that’s because we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the very best Coem tiles, spanning their entire porcelain stoneware tile range, including best selling collections such as Coem Marmi Bianchi, Coem Cardoso, Coem Aglo and Coem Blendstone.

Coem have always taken a very contemporary approach to tile design, they are always looking to provide new design innovations for the building and architecture industries. Their porcelain stoneware tiles are inspired by nature, which allows the precious materials used to create Coem tiles to really shine with their natural beauty. This allows architects and designers to build beautiful, bespoke tile projects that have an outstandingly natural feel. That’s why at Tile & Build, when  our customer needs a tile with an organic feel, we’ll always recommend a piece from our Coem range.

According to Coem:

“We take our inspiration from nature, to create a porcelain stoneware able to reflect its natural beauty. Our idea of quality is something we take on board with passion and determination, protecting the environment we live in and our hallmark Italian ceramic tradition. We promote on-going research and innovation in everything we do, and the result is works and projects the whole world can admire, expressing a design concept in keeping with contemporary living styles.”

You can find out more about Coem, their origins, their prowess within the Italian tile manufacturing industry and their commitment to nature and the environment by visiting the Coem website.

One area that makes Coem tiles particularly special is the build quality of the tiles. Recently, Coem have committed to a new range of double thickness tiles that are moth technically impressive and visually very appealing. This design process allows Coem to create very hard wearing tiles that are unique in feel and in appearance, making them great for bespoke tiling and building projects. One particular product of note is the GresX2 range, a porcelain stoneware tile range specifically designed for the outdoors:

“The 2cm thickness of GresX2 enhances the power and beauty of a porcelain stoneware specifically conceived for outdoors. Colours, shapes and textures express all their natural appeal on resistant, compact surfaces, with a unique mix of selected, high-technology new materials able to guarantee a performance that’s twice as impressive.”

When looking to source Coem porcelain stoneware tiles, look no further than Tile & Build. We’re able to source and supply any Coem tile you desire and will do so for the best price. We work directly with Coem to dispatch and deliver your tiles to your desired location. As we don’t work with a middle man we can ensure you receive the very best price for your Coem tiles - if you’ve seen a better price elsewhere, let us know and we’ll match it with the Tile & Build price match guarantee. 

Find out more about Coem tiles and visit our Coem tile collections at Tile & Build.

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