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Tile & Build continues to pride itself on providing porcelain and ceramic tiles from world renowned tile manufacturers. It’s this passion for quality that means we can ensure our customers always receive the best tiles for the job. We select the brands we stock based on a number of factors. The tiles have to be well made, with passion. The tiles must suit contemporary designs and the tiles must be available at a fair price, simple right?

Because at Tile & Build we work directly with factories like Fioranese Ceramica, we’re always able to ensure you get the very best tiles for the job, at the very best price. Sometimes our quotes may appear much lower than our competitors, that’s because we’re providing the same, top quality product without needing to pay out for additional sales reps and costs. Our team works directly with the manufacturer, and with our customer to ensure a smooth purchasing experience and a fair price.

Fioranese Ceramica have embarked on what they call a ceramic evolution in designing porcelain stoneware floor tiles ‘to meet the world’. They produce quality tiles that are simply ready for the demands of everyday tasks, they are easy to source, simple to fit and are made to last. Thanks to many years experience in the tiling industry, Fioranese Ceramica are able to match traditional manufacturing techniques with a modern approach, backed by research that ensures their tiles are always the very best they can be. 

According to Fioranese

“In 50 years of ceramic tradition, we have built a business based on creativity, intelligence and spirit of renewal which today is the heart and soul of a dynamic Italian company. Supported by the passion, professionalism and skills of all those who work with us, we design porcelain stoneware floors with an Italian design to meet an ever-changing world. Looking to the future, but aware of our past, we have been able to combine tradition and modernity, functionality and beauty, technology and sustainability, through a continuous process of creative and technical renewal. This allows us to offer fascinating ceramic solutions that endure over time. The search for expressive, reliable and resistant porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles for residential and commercial spaces has led to the creation of ceramic surfaces that combine high technical and aesthetic performances with a modern and contemporary design.”

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