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Our essential home tile guide is a must read for any DIY tilers, or home designers who are looking to lay tiles in their home for the first time. Whether you’re tiling your kitchen floor, your bathroom walls or even crafting a bespoke wet room, Tile & Build has everything you need to ensure your project is a complete success. 

When choosing to tile your home, you’ll need to bring a number of important factors into consideration. You should think about location, space, light, temperature, colour and even the atmosphere of the room before you decide which sort of tile you need. For example, a large kitchen floor requires a very different type of tile to a small kitchen splashback. 

If you are tiling a floor, Tile & Build recommends exploring our Large Format Tiles collections, featuring tiles from leading tile manufacturers such as Florim, Marca Corona, Coem, ABK and even more. See some of our favourite Large Format Tile collections below! 

- ABK Atlantis Collection

- Marca Corona Arkistone Collection

- Florim Rock Salt Collection

Why Tiles Are Perfect For Your Home

You may be considering a few options when it comes to finishing your home. Perhaps you’re thinking of a traditional carpet, or a laminated floor? Tiles on the other hand are more versatile than other flooring options and are also more hygienic, they are easy to clean and importantly, easy to maintain. What’s more, many tiles can also be used with underfloor heating systems, an exciting consideration to make when it comes to designing your new kitchen or bathroom. 

Floor tiles have an extra special addition - an anti slip coating that makes some tiles safe to use on floors. This is even more important to consider if you’re tiling the floor of a room that is likely to get wet, for example a bathroom or wetroom floor. 

See our full collection of Anti Slip Floor Tiles here.

No matter what your needs are, no matter your budget or your design Tile & Build have an exciting range of tiles and accessories available. Contact us now to find out more about our price match guarantee. Since we source directly from the manufacturer, we ensure you get the very best products, at the very best price! 

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