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Panaria Ceramica tiles and collections are now available at Tile & Build. Check out our Panaria Ceramica tile collections online and discover new and exciting design inspiration, from one of the world’s leading tile manufacturers. 

By dealing with the manufacturers themselves, Tile & Build can ensure that you get the very best price on your Panaria Ceramica tiles, This also means that we can access the very best collections ahead of the trends, therefore if there’s a design you simply need, let us know - we can source it for you.

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Panaria Ceramica are renowned for their stunning porcelain tile design which focuses on creating tiles that are perfect for homes all over the world. The idea of all Panaria Ceramica tiles is to give a homely feel no matter where they are installed, ensuring that wherever you are, you always feel a close connection to your home. Panaria Ceramica have been creating tiles in this way since 1974 and have a wealth of experience which ensures their tiles are hardwearing and are created to remain ahead of the curve. If you want to know which tiles are going to be the trend next year, simply check out Panaria Ceramica, they always get it right!

Check out some of our favourite Panaria Ceramica collections! 

- Glance Collection

Urbanature Collection

- Frame Collection

- Genesis Collection

It’s research and innovation that really sets Panaria Ceramica ahead of the game when it comes to tile production. By using the very best raw materials and the most modern tile manufacturing techniques, Panaria Ceramica tiles come with a level of quality that is often unmatched by many other leading tile brands. Simply, they always strive to improve the overall look, feel and finish of their tile products, which is why Panaria Ceramica have an entire team dedicated to ensuring that their tiles are constantly improving and are ready to meet the ever changing needs and demands of the building industry. 

Check out our full range of Panaria Ceramica tiles now, shop with Tile & Build for our price match guarantee and ensure you get your new tiles for the very best price.