Focus on Ceramica Fioranese Collections

The Ceramica Fioranese collections offer a wide range of colours, sizes and finishes for maximum versatility and coordination. Aesthetics are the priority, but beauty alone is not enough to add value, unless it is supported by the guarantee of superior quality and safety of use.

Floor tiles with a precise idea of style.

Natural textures intertwine with the latest trends in fashion and interior design to create floor tiles that are the protagonists of an original lifestyle.
An essential and sophisticated design combined with a technological and functional soul promotes ease of use and versatility, to create porcelain stoneware floor tiles for indoors and outdoors capable of transforming any surface into a real décor item for different tastes and styles

The research comes from the outside world, it is interspersed with natural textures and the latest fashion and interior design trends, making our floor tiles part of a contemporary lifestyle built on the needs of man and his emotions and inspirations. Our collections are all characterised by a versatile creativity, organised through a prevailing aesthetic quality and different destinations of use. A comprehensive offer ranging from the floors to walls of residential and commercial spaces, with highly pragmatic and functional solutions that meet the most diverse needs.

Perfectly balanced and stylistically coordinated graphics, colours and surfaces play with the aesthetic and formal quality of the indoor and outdoor walls and floor tiles, main protagonists of new design and creative solutions.

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