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Iris Ceramica Diesel Living is one of the most exciting tile collaboration projects now available at Tile & Build. We stock a huge range of Iris Ceramica Diesel Living tiles, perfect for everything from industrial floors, to domestic bathroom walls. The style of Iris Ceramica Diesel Living styles is truly cutting edge, thanks to a partnership between Iris Ceramica, an internationally respected tile producer and Diesel Living, a homewares branch of fashion house, Diesel. 

Yes, it’s the very same Diesel that produces scents and perfumes too! 

The partnership was built to take cutting edge Italian tile design to the very next level, by using traditional tile manufacturing techniques and combining them with a vision of an industrial future. The result of this blend is a number of very exciting and very unique tile collections, including:

Arizona Concrete Collection

Solid Concrete Collection

Hard Leather Collection

Iris Ceramica and Diesel Living got this Collaboration Right

The entire premise of the project is to design tiles for the future, and that’s exactly what Iris Ceramica Diesel Living does. They use experimental design ideas to create a look that is both industrial and innovative, making many of their tile collections perfect for use across modern, commercial builds. The materials that inspire the Diesel Living design house include Glass, Metal, Concrete and Canvas which is exactly why Iris Ceramica Diesel Living tiles always look so organic. They are designed to look as natural as possible, but with that machined edge. According to Iris Ceramica the true purpose of their design to work with Diesel Living was to help Diesel Living complete the ‘ideal’ Diesel Living home.

When combined with other Diesel Living products and furnishings, these tiles simply complete that industrial, almost punk look:

“The two brands’ acknowledged ability to experiment, combined with the distinguishing features of design proposed by the Diesel Living style office, is now applicable to interiors of all kinds thanks to the Concrete, Industrial Glass, Camp, Stage and Hard Leather collections. Innovative moods in high-tech porcelain and ceramics complete the idea of the Diesel Living home, a project open only to big names in Italian furniture, lighting, accessories and fabrics, now enriched with Iris Ceramica. The success of the project was only to be expected, in view of the experience of the companies involved, and the contemporary home can now be considered truly complete thanks to the lived-in finishes and vintage flavour of the Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica collections.”

Check out the full Iris Ceramica Diesel Living collection, now available at Tile & Build