Check Out These Stunning Reds at Tile & Build

With the autumn months approaching, we’re looking for some autumnal colour inspiration and have selected a couple of our favourite red tiles. Red colours go great in any area of your build, allowing you to create stunning hallways with red wall tiles, funky bathrooms with red floor tiles and even exciting kitchens that use red tiles to add splashes of colour to the room. As a colour, red works alongside any other neutral colours such as creams, greys, black and white colours, which makes all of the red tiles available at Tile & Build both versatile, and very popular with modern and contemporary interior designers. 

When using red tiles, it’s important to consider how you envision the rest of the room will be furnished. If you’re working on a commercial build, consider the clients needs to work out what shade of red you should go for - for example, terracotta shades are great for creating a rustic feeling in bars and restaurants, but if you’re working on an accommodation block, perhaps you can get away with being a little bit more creative and use a darker shade of red? Whatever red floor or red wall tiles you decide to buy at Tile & Build, we will ensure you get the very best price, on tiles from leading manufacturers such as Sil Ceramiche and Florim.

Read on to find out more about our top red tiles, now available online at Tile & Build!

Florim Rock Salt Hawaiian Red | Tile & Build

The Florim Rock Salt tile collection is a frequent favourite for our customers. These Florim tiles are built with integrity and style in mind, they look great, they are very easy to fit and apply and they have been built to last. They really are a perfect all rounder and can be used on tiled walls and tiled floors in your bathrooms and kitchens. The Hawaiian Red colour scheme makes these tiles perfect for creating a very authentic Mediterranean feel.  

Appearing as an almost woody brown colour, these tiles work well alongside wooden fixtures and beautiful handmade oak furniture. When it comes to selecting that perfect ‘red’ tile, these tiles always spring to mind!

Sil Ceramiche More 5 Burned | Tile & Build

The Sil Ceramiche More 5 tile collection is another great example of a stylish tile that is perfect for use across your build. Their solid design, anti-slip rating and cement style appearance makes them perfect for use anywhere, including on tiled floors, tiled walls, in your bathroom and in your kitchen,

The ‘burned’ colourway is a truly autumnal one. It’s a deep red colour with an almost orange shimmer, making these tiles ideal for adding a splash of colour to your rooms. Moreover, the dark colour also makes these easy to clean, therefore these are ideal for areas that might require additional maintenance, such as within bars and restaurant kitchens.