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Sil Ceramiche is renowned as one of the world’s most prolific tile manufacturers. Taking traditional Italian tile design and adding a contemporary twist, all Sil Ceramiche ceramics are crafted with true innovation in mind. Their tiles are hard working, long lasting, stylish, easy to work with and most importantly, when you buy from Tile & Build, Sil Ceramiche tiles are cost effective too.

At Tile & Build, we’ve built upon years of experience which means we have developed lasting relationships with tile manufacturers. That’s why we can offer the very best prices on the brands we stock, and get access to the latest and most exclusive tile designs. That’s why if there’s a Sil Ceramiche wall tile collection of a Sil Ceramiche floor tile collection you love, we’ll source it for you.

Sil Ceramiche take traditional tile materials that have an organic appeal, such as wood and stone, and turn the materials into contemporary masterpieces, perfect for large architectural works and for designing perfect walls and floors in your home. The same family have worked at Sil Ceramiche since its inception, ensuring that their raw passion trickles down into every product that is manufactured, meaning your Sil Ceramiche tiles will always be strong, easy to work with and will always look great. Sil Ceramiche was:

“Born in 1955 in the historical center of Sassuolo, to be an important international company. Through the years the business is evolved with energy and dynamism. It has encouraged the visionary and farsighted projects of the new generations and at the same time it has been able to stay faithful to its solid values. A team of professionals works on the study and on the research of new products, realized with the most advanced productive technologies , bringing to life new aesthetic solutions that express with effectiveness the image of Sil Ceramiche on the market.”

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