How Are Porcelain Tiles Made? | Tile & Build

We’ve all seen porcelain tiles before, if you’re reading this blog post you’ve probably had some involvement in buying porcelain tiles or even fitting them too, have you however considered the processes in the background, and what goes into making beautiful porcelain wall and floor tiles? 

At Tile & Build we only stock porcelain tiles created by the world’s leading tile manufacturers, such as Florim, Cercom, ABK, Panaria Ceramica and Coem. Find out more about how these manufacturers create their beautiful tiles and read on.

How to make Porcelain Tiles

Water and raw organic materials are mixed together with other ingredients like Silica to produce a mixture that is used for the base of the tile. The contents of this mixture varies depending on the type and consistency of porcelain tile being produced. 

Next, this mixture needs to be dried out - various systems can be used here to extract moisture from the mixture, such as drying with heat and spray drying, a process that removes excess moisture, allowing the mixture to be ready for the press. The next step and arguably the most important now involves pressing the carefully crafted mixture into the correct shape and size. Each tile is individually pressed to ensure consistency, creating a final product known as ‘greenware’. 

This, ‘greenware’ isn’t quite ready to be called a tile - from here the product is cured and dried out, ready to be printed onto or ‘glazed’. During this phase and after drying, any required designs are printed onto the tiles before a protective glaze is added, this is the layer that gives tiles their sheen! After glazing, the final step involves finishing off the tile in the kiln. By heating and literally ‘baking’ the tile, any remaining moisture is removed and the final tile is able to set, creating a stunning tile which is perfect for a range of uses. 

By using quality organic ingredients at the start of the process, a sturdy glaze and correct heating procedures, porcelain tiles can be created in a range of styles and sizes that are perfect for uses across the home and on larger industrial projects too. 

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