Rectified Tiles - What They Are & When To Use Them

Rectified Tiles | Tile & Build
Whether you’re new to the tile world or a regular on the market, you may have come across the term ‘Rectified Tiles’ but might often wonder exactly what a rectified tile is. In essence, a rectified tile allows the tiler or the designer to produce an almost gapless finish, by minimising the space that exists between tiles on a tiled wall or tiled floor design. 
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When we start to look into the technicalities of the difference between regular and rectified tiles, it’s simply that the design of the edge of a rectified tile is created with very little tolerance, meaning the largest tile in the batch and the smallest tile in the batch carry almost exact dimensions. This is why rectified tiles are perfect for working on projects that require expert precision. 
Essentially, during the production of the tiles, ‘rounded edges’ are shaved off to ensure the edge of the tile sits at exactly 90 degrees and that all corresponding tiles in the batch sit the same too. Simply put, rectified tiles allow for continuity within the design process.
By having a grout joint line of just 1.5mm, the gap between the tiles is often unnoticeable which is why rectified tiles should be used for when you wish to achieve a seamless look with your designs.
Large Rectified Tiles | Tile & Build
Another advantage of rectified tiles is that they are perfect for builds that require large areas to be covered. Rectified tiles can be made to very large sizes which makes them perfect for commercial and industrial floor coverings in areas that want to carry that added level of luxury. Hotels, Restaurants, Cinemas, Theatres and Bars will often use rectified tiles because of this very reason. Larger tiles mean you can purchase less individual units and can cover a larger space, most cost effectively.
Things to Consider when using Rectified Tiles
As with any tile or building project there are a few considerations that you should make which apply directly to the use of rectified tiles. Because they are so precisely engineered and because the gaps between rectified tiles are designed to be minimalistic, rectified tiles should be applied on only smooth and perfectly level surfaces.
Rectified tiles, unlike other tile products cannot be manipulated to work around bumps or curves in the surface without compromising the beautiful design aspects of the tiles, therefore you should always ensure that when deciding to purchase rectified tiles, you have the correct tools to ready the surface for the job. 
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