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If you’re working on a new design project and need to achieve a truly luxury design without breaking the budget then you might turn to marble effect tiles. Simply put, marble is a style most associated with pure luxury. Marble, for centuries has encased the grand palaces of royalty and celebrities alike. Marble is a stone that carries with it an element of sophistication, and class. It’s hard wearing and most importantly, marble is always unique.

Marble effect tiles take the sheer beauty and class of marble stone and incorporates it with malleable and affordable porcelain. The combination of the two means you can achieve a stunning marble style finish, without having to spend all of your budget on it. This is exactly why Marble Effect tiles are perfect for your walls and floors across your entire design and build project.

Read on to find out more about the history of marble as a design feature, and a number of Tile & Build recommended Marble Effect tiles, perfect for your next building project.

Check out some of our favourite Marble Effect Tiles here, from leading brands such as Cercom, Florim and ABK

Why Marble?

Marble has a grand and illustrious history as a part of home design, in fact historically the use of marble in the home dates back as far as the Ancient Greek period. You don’t have to look far in order to see the use of marble as a key part in many grand designs. Here’s a list of just a few very famous pieces of architecture that incorporate marble according to Grandior:

“Marble has been used for some of the world’s most notable structures, from the Pantheon in Rome and the Taj Mahal in Agra to more contemporary buildings, such as London’s Marble Arch and the Peace Monument in Washington DC. Favoured by artists since ancient times, it was in full flower during the Renaissance: Michelangelo’s ‘David’ is just one of the marble sculptures that helped shape the western concept of aesthetics.”

Marble Effect Tiles | Tile & Build Favourites

So, now you know exactly why you should use Marble Effect tiles in your next building project, we want to recommend a few of our favourite designs and styles to you. All Marble Effect tiles stocked at Tile & Build have been selected for their stunning appearance, their versatile style and their ease of use. These Marble Effect tiles are perfect for your walls and floors and can offer a real sense of luxury to even the most basic designs. You can use Marble Effect tiles in your bathroom, your dining room, your kitchen. Pretty much any space in the household. 

Fioranese Sound of Marbles - Rosa Cipria

ABK Sensi Gems - Crystal

Florim Antique Marble - Majestic Marble

Florim Stones and More 2.0 - Stone Calacatta White

Marble Effect Tiles For Domestic & Commercial Use

Get in touch today to find out more about our full range of Marble Effect tiles. We have access to full product ranges for leading tile brands and designers, meaning if there’s a tile you want but can’t find, we’ll source it for you.

These Marble Effect tiles are perfect for both domestic and commercial use too, allowing you to create and design stunning shop fronts, theatre foyers and even beautiful public conveniences. Find out more and find your latest design inspiration at Tile & Build. (Click here to see Marble Effect Tiles range.)