Retail Design Is More Important Than Ever Before | Tile & Build

Retail design in a post COVID-19 lockdown society is now more important than ever before. When producing designs and visions for commercial areas such as shops, cafes, restaurants and bars, architects and builders are now having to focus on brand new aspects of design that meet the growing complexities of coronavirus security and risk assessments, in order to ensure that the retail and hospitality industries are protected, should this global pandemic continue or, worsen. 

The use of tiles within retail design is not a new concept, nor is the use of tiles to ensure a more hygienic setting, however what is new is the idea of using tiles to ensure any retail venue  can be considered as COVID-secure. It goes further than this though, tiles also have many other applications for ensuring a great customer experience within a retail setting that requires social distancing. The use of tile design for example can be used to create floor markings that can both display ‘social distance spacing’ but without detracting from stunning design.

At the end of the day, nobody wants stickers all over their new tiled floor do they?

Tile Design Ideas for Social Distancing

So, when it comes to social distancing and retail design, what can be done with tiles? Firstly, as touched upon earlier, sanitation and hygiene. Wall tiles and floor tiles can be used to create very easy to clean surfaces, meaning your regular cleaning processes (as per your COVID risk assessment) are not overly time consuming. Compared to carpet, or a papered wall for example.

This is exactly why tiles are the go to choice for retail designers when it comes to creating beautiful dining spaces, food/beverage preparation areas and even washrooms.

Floor Markings, Wall Markings & More

Floor markings and ‘social distance indicators’ are now springing up all over the place and are sure to be on the minds of retail designers worldwide. People have taken to using stickers, or barrier tape to mark queuing areas in their retail settings. The use of tiles however (both on the walls and floors) can create markings to highlight a safe distance to your customers, without the need for bulky and ‘temporary’ stickers. Simply put, you can use tiles with contrasting colours and designs to ensure that your retail setting not only looks stunning, but also operates to ensure customers and staff are always able to keep a safe distance. 

Check out some of our best selling wall tiles and floor tiles today and kickstart your retail design inspiration, with both hygiene and social distancing in mind.

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