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Florim tiles are regularly considered as one of the world’s leading tile brands and tile manufacturers. Florim tiles are produced using the very finest manufacturing techniques for those with a very keen eye and a passion for design. Using Florim tiles during your building project comes highly recommended, thanks to three core justifications.

  • Florim tiles are sturdy, they are built to last.
  • Florim tiles are designed with a real Italian passion, they look great.
  • Florim tiles are affordable, meaning your building and design projects don’t have to go over budget just to ensure you have the perfect tiled walls or floor.

Florim Tiles Available at Tile & Build

At Tile & Build, we source all of our tiles directly from the manufacturer. That means, when you browse our huge Florim tiles collection you’re exploring tiles from the very heart of Italian tile manufacturing. What this means for you is that you get access to the very best price. There’s no middle men involved, we’ll source the tiles and deliver them to you, making the process fairer and most importantly, cheaper than many of our competitors. 

When we are asked to select our favourite Florim Tiles, honestly, it’s very hard to decide. Each tile is beautifully made, they are all fantastic to work with too, making this question a bit like being asked to pick your favourite child! That aside however, check out some of our Tile & Build top picks, including:

Each of these stunning tile collections have been crafted with the designer in mind. They are very easy to install and allow architects and interior designers to really make the most of a space by creating beautifully tiled walls and floors. These Florim tile collections are perfect for a range of uses across any project, from tiled bathroom walls and kitchen splashbacks, to incredible hotel bathrooms and even easy to clean restaurant floors. 

What Makes Florim So Special

The attention to detail within the Florim manufacturing process is second to none. The methods they use to craft their porcelain tiles makes the most of both traditional techniques and cutting edge innovation to deliver a perfect product every time. They focus on Passion, Innovation & Sustainability and strive to make the very best tiles, in the most effective and efficient way possible, minimising environmental impact and ensuring only high quality end products.

You can find out more about Florim and their stunning processes here.

It’s no secret that here at Tile & Build, we love Florim tiles. Shop our huge range online now, including stunning Florim collections like Natural Stone, Studio and Timeless.

Shop everything from porcelain tiles, wall tiles and floor tiles, to large format tiles, rectified tiles, marble effect tiles and more at Tile & Build now.

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