Spain’s Top Tile Manufacturers Back At It! | Tile & Build

Leading tile manufacturers in Spain and across Europe have started to reboot production in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has seen several production factories and warehouses across the continent close down temporarily in an attempt to control the Coronavirus. As instructed by governments and health officials across the globe, many tile factories started to slow down and halt their production in March 2020, in order to allow their staff to isolate and reduce social interaction. Of course, it’s not just the tile industry that’s been impacted by this, however by working together, many countries in Europe now seem to be out on the other side, with a visible light at the end of the tunnel.

As a result, a large number of tile manufacturers started to restart production during the start of July, acting as a sure sign that at least for now, things are starting to get back to normal. Spain was of course one of the worst hit countries within the pandemic, from an early stage too. As you will know, Spain is also a hub for modern porcelain and ceramic tile production, meaning many designs and styles from leading tile manufacturers have been very hard to come by. The same can be said across Europe.

Changes To Spain’s Tile Production

Of course, things aren’t back up and running as normal just yet, with some delays expected, Tile & Build are working round the clock to deliver the finest tiles and building materials to our customers. Despite reduced production from countries like Spain and Italy, we are still able to provide a huge catalogue of tiles, by the likes of Florim, ABK and Cercom. With more being added each week, be sure to check out our tile listings online.

In Spain itself, according to Tilezine, there are a few big changes in place that have allowed tile production to really hit the ground running:

“Spanish ceramic tile companies are adopting strict measures and security controls to protect the health and safety of all workers. These measures can be found in a document, ratified by ASCER (Spanish Ceramic Tile Manufacturers’ Association) and the main trade union organisations, which reflects the high concern for preserving the well-being of all workers against Covid-19, especially in the current situation.”

We’re pleased to be able to stock tiles from reputable European tile manufacturers such as Fioranese, Coem and Sil Ceramiche. That’s why we source our tiles directly from the factory, this means you’ll pay the very best price for your tile order. Get in touch with our team today to find out more and let’s celebrate the reboot of Spanish, Italian and European tile production together!