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Large Format Tiles | Tile & Build

Large Format tiles can be used across a huge variety of building projects. Not only do they look great, large format tiles are also very easy to use, allowing you to cover a larger surface area without the need to use several small tiles and without the additional time and extra adhesive required. Large format tiles look great on your walls and floors and can be used to achieve that all encompassing, seamless style that so many new builds strive for at the moment. 

It’s really easy to achieve that ‘infinity’ style with large format tiles thanks to their sheer size and ability to really shape the light around your room. All large format tiles available at Tile & Build are built to last. We source large format tiles from the world’s leading tile manufacturers and designers, such as Florim, Marca Corona and Coem

So, how should you be using your Large Format Tiles?

Large Format Tiles

Set the scene and achieve a flawless finish on your new bathroom floor with large tiles designed to capture your space brilliantly. Tiled flooring is truly a luxury and is found across many areas in the home, most notable however your kitchen and bathroom. By using large format tiles, you reduce the need for grout lines, which as you know can cause cleaning difficulties later down the line. If you want to achieve a clean and flawless look on your floor, then large format tiles are the way forward.

Take a look at these large format tiles by ABK:

ABK Atlantis - Smoke

ABK Sensi Gems - Taj Mahal

Stunning Wall Tiles

Not only are large format tiles perfect for use on the ground, they are also ideal for use on the wall. By using the same wall and floor tiles, you can achieve a very wholesome finish that offers a seamless flow around the entire room. This is a very popular look in many modern bathroom designs and also boasts commercial implications too.

Pubs, bars and restaurants may often opt for a single tile design that covers all areas of the building interior. If this is the look you’re hoping to achieve, large format tiles are suitable for you.

Foyer Tiles

If you’re working on a commercial project and have a large space to fill, you should opt for large format tiles in order to fill the space as efficiently as possible. Don’t forget, by using large format tiles you can increase the surface area of each covering, meaning you’ll use less tiles in the long run, potentially saving money too.

Large format tiles look great in grand foyers and entrance hallways, perfect for shops, bars, hotels, theatres and more. If you’re working on a commercial build, you should also consider safety and hygiene. Large format tiles are available in non-slip variants and also make cleaning tasks a breeze by reducing the occurrence of grout lines that can prove to be a contamination risk later down the line.

Large Format Tiles for Public Spaces

Many commercial builders have to consider the need for a floor to support high volumes of foot traffic. Does your project consider this? If so, you should look at using large format tiles as they are durable, hardwearing and long lasting. 

Such public spaces could include shopping centres, health spas, hotels, museums and other places of interest that demand a luxury design that has been produced to last.

Luxury Designs with Large Format Tiles

Lastly, large format tiles are perfect for when luxury is key. If your design brief stipulates that the room must give off an exclusive feel then opting for large format tiles is a great option for you. Check out some of our stocked luxury tile designs, by leading large format tile brands.

So, what are you waiting for? The bottom line is this; large format tiles are perfect for a huge range of uses, explore the vast collection of large format tiles at Tile & Build now. Contact us for further information including price quotations and more. If there’s a tile range you love but can’t find then let us know - we source directly from leading tile manufacturers, meaning when you shop with Tile & Build, you know you’ll always get the very best price.

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