Tiling Your Home? Check Out Tile & Builds Top Tips!

If you’re deciding to DIY (do it yourself) with your own home tiling job, make sure you check out these top tops to help take your tiling skills from complete novice, to tiling master with just a few basic steps! Ok so, you probably won’t become an expert after your first attempt at tiling, however by following these steps you should avoid making critical mistakes that can completely ruin your tiled walls and tiled floors. 

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Create a Plan, Measure and Cut Your Tiles

First of all you need to approach your tiling project with a plan, you can’t dive in and just stick tiles to your bathroom wall, you need to measure the space, work out how many tiles you need and also calculate any cuts you need to make in order to ensure a seamless finish.

Make the cuts and prepare your tiles before you begin, this means you won’t run out of tiles, and you won’t have to spend time making awkward cuts at the end of the project that will ruin the look and feel of your hard work.

When measuring the space, be sure to remove any doors or fixtures that could get in the way when tiling, this means you need to ensure you’re measuring the entire space and won’t be forced to cut small tiles to avoid things like radiators and towel rails later down the line. Make sure you give your tiles a good clean to ensure no debris sits on the tiles as this can spoil the finish later down the line and can also prevent tiles from sitting and sticking correctly. 

Lay Your Tiles From The Centre Outwards

When sticking your tiles down, be sure to start from the centre of the wall or floor and work outwards in quadrants. Keep an eye on patterns to ensure you’re laying the tiles seamlessly, this will ensure the final piece looks it’s very best and will ensure consistency with spacing and finishes.

Always Have Spare Tiles

You should always ensure you order spare tiles to use just in case you make a mistake when cutting the tiles, or even laying them. Having spares to hand means that you can easily fix mistakes and don’t need to waste time ordering more if things do go wrong later down the line. Mistakes are bound to happen, especially if you’re new to this, therefore ordering spare tiles well in advance means if things do go wrong, you simply just need to try again!

Be patient, pay attention and don’t rush. Never take on a huge tiling job straight away, practice on a smaller area or a smaller project first. Take your time, plan in advance and take careful measurements. Tiling is a tricky job, but when done right you’re in for a real treat - the satisfaction of a perfectly tiled wall or a stunning tiled floor, all done using your own hands!