What Makes Us Tile Sourcing Specialists | Tile & Build

At Tile & Build, we’ve developed a true reputation within the industrial tiling industry as the go to tile sourcing specialists. By working with a range of customers from DIY and home based customers, to large contractors and designers working on multi-million pound projects over a number of years, we’ve been able to build great working relationships with some of the world’s biggest and best tile manufacturers. 

Thanks to this relationship and the trust from our commercial clients and customers, we’ve perfected the tile ordering process, which means we always have access to the very best wall and floor tiles, at the very best prices. 

Unlike many of our competitors and other commercial tile stores, we don’t work with a middle man, we work with the tile manufacturers and tile factories themselves. Yes, this does mean there’s a little more work involved for our dedicated team of tile experts, but it also means that we don’t need to charge any additional fees to cover the cost of a third party, simply buy your tiles and pay for your delivery, it’s as simple as that when you shop for quality wall tiles and quality floor tiles at Tile & Build.

Thanks to the relationships that we have built up over the years, working with tile manufacturers and designers, we also get access to the very best tiles from the range. Therefore, if there’s a set of tiles from a manufacturer that we stock, that you want but can’t find on our website, do let us know and our team will source it for you.

We’re Stockists of Leading Tile Brands

We only work with tile brands that can match our reputation, that’s because we want to ensure our customers get hold of the very best products. Products that are made with care, made to last but are still easy to work with - that’s what makes a good tile in our eyes!

Take a look at a handful of the top brands available right now at Tile & Build:

And more!